Audi Bev 2018

Moving inside, Audi provided little but the infographics showed some ...

Audi a2q bev launch 2018? – evs, According to auto bild, audi will launch a raised city car similar to the bmw i3, but called the a2q with 300 miles of range in 2018..
[2018, volt] audi highlights range electrification, Audi highlights its range of electrification efforts; q7 diesel phev, a7 fuel cell phev, bev, 48v and more; 750 wh/l by 2025 17 november 2015. audi presented a range.
Alleged audi product roadmap reveals 2018 launch r8 v6, An alleged product roadmap for audi has surfaced and possibly reveals some of the automaker’s major product launches for calendar years 2017 and 2018..
Mercedes ‘elc’ compete audi -tron electric suv , It’s been clear for a couple of years now that the german luxury makers feel they need competitive responses to the startling emergence of electric-car maker tesla.
500-hp, 300-mile audi -bev pure electric concept debut, Concept version of all-electric audi q6, under the codename c-bev, is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 2015 frankfurt motor show..

Audi C-BEV concept revealed for Frankfurt Motor Show

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